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Union Station Gateway East Portal Building

Los Angeles, CA

RAW International was the associate architect for the Union Station Gateway East Portal Building. This critical intermodal transportation facility links downtown Los Angeles with the outlying Southern California suburbs.  The building’s four levels connect street-level ground transportation with passenger trains and subterranean freight trains; reconcile vehicular and pedestrian circulation; incorporate creative parking solutions; and facilitate commuter access and wayfinding.

After conducting historic research and zoning analysis to identify community assets and transit improvement feasibility, RAW International engaged the support of elected leaders and agency officials to reconcile community desires and jurisdictional requirements with site constraints in this landmark Los Angeles transportation hub.  During the regular stakeholder committee meetings, RAW presented easy-to-understand alternative concept designs that resolved the design goals with existing conditions, agency criteria and budgets.

Client:                    Catellus Development

Cost:                       $23 million

Services/Scope:    Construction Documents, Construction Administration, in association with

                                Ehrenkrantz, Eckstut Architects

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