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Rosa Parks Station TOD Master Plan

Los Angeles, CA

RAW International’s master plan for the Imperial/Wilmington/Rosa Parks Station Transit Oriented District (TOD) was adopted by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro). The master plan proposes to integrate public transit, residential, retail, commercial, recreational and entertainment amenities to enhance the pedestrian environment in one of the most heavily used interchanges in the Metro system. The architectural and commercial improvements and pedestrian/transit linkages would create a significant mixed-use regional destination that highlights the Willowbrook community’s urban assets, improves wayfinding and access, incorporates vehicular and parking strategies, and promotes neighborhood well-being with increased walkability, security, and local jobs.


In addition to neighborhood outreach and small business surveys, RAW established an art and cultural advisory group, which maximized the participation of a diverse range of community leaders, neighborhood residents, business owners, and elected officials. RAW listened to their concerns and built consensus around priorities and goals while addressing multiple jurisdictional and budget constraints. After thoroughly surveying the site, analyzing zoning requirements, and researching the area’s history, RAW assessed transit improvement feasibility and market potential. Screening criteria and viable alignment alternatives guided urban design strategies and user-friendly conceptual design presentations that reflect Willowbrook’s unique character in a culturally dynamic, pedestrian-friendly environment.

Client:                    Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro)

Cost:                       $250,000

Services/Scope:    Master Planning

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