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Motown Records Corporate Headquarters Relocation

Los Angeles, CA

RAW International worked closely with Motown Records to configure and furnish this music industry trendsetter’s new 60,000 square-foot corporate headquarters. RAW successfully aligned its aesthetic vision, operational functions, and occupancy needs within the constraints of an L-shaped tenant space notched with multiple “corner offices” around the building’s perimeter. A strategic program and test fit analysis was followed by careful space planning, which separated public/private domains while linking multiple departments to form a functionally efficient, cohesive office space that accommodates 200-employees on a single floor plate.

The new headquarters features state-of-the-art conference facilities, audio/dub/editing facilities, listening rooms, a computer network, and an advanced security network. Through the application of innovative interior architecture, materials, and colors, RAW provided Motown with greater functional efficiency and seamlessness between departments, while enabling each department to convey their own “first impression” to users as they move throughout the spaces.

Client:                    Motown Records

Cost:                       $8 Million

Services/Scope:    Programming, Space Planning, Interior Design, FFE Specifications

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