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Project RENEW

Los Angeles, CA

Inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign for wellness and nutrition, Los Angeles County received a two-year grant from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) to sponsor the Renew Environments for Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellness (Project RENEW). The County contracted with RAW International, who collaborated with the Department of Public Health, municipal agencies, and community–based organizations to develop land-use policies, urban planning, and development strategies that would promote health and wellness along ten Metro Blue and Green line transit stations in South Los Angeles.

Along with design of a signage and wayfinding campaign, RAW also improved the City’s design standards with easy-to-read GIS-based maps and 3-D graphics that illustrate demographics, transit use, proposed land-use changes, multimodal network wayfinding, and community assets of each station’s environs.

Client:                    City of Los Angeles, Department of Planning

Services/Scope:    Urban Master Planning

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