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Port of Los Angeles Berth 142 High Bay Crane Maintenance Building 

Los Angeles , CA

The Port of Los Angeles has begun utilizing remote-controlled robotic cranes that stack containers from ships and load them on to trains and trucks. RAW International is designing the maintenance building for these $1.3 million vehicles, which reduce the Port’s costs by replacing manually-operated cranes.  RAW is combining design excellence with practical site planning and construction solutions to create a durable, energy-efficient maintenance building for this specialty equipment. Insulated metal panel cladding will protect the facility against harsh marine conditions. Photovoltaic panels and maximum daylighting through clerestory windows and translucent folding fabric doors will reduce energy costs.

RAW’s design will increase the efficiencies of the existing site through hyper-controlled grading to accommodate the cranes’ sensitive magnetic navigation system. The building’s location and three-bay modular design will allow for easy future expansion. Its moment/one-directional brace steel frame will support the built-in 10-ton bridge crane, which will be suspended 45 feet above the floor and spans all three bays. A series of catwalks will be interwoven 36-feet above the floor, providing technicians eye-level access to the cranes’ motor compartments. At night, the translucent fabric doors and clerestory windows will glow with interior illumination.

Client:                    Port of Los Angeles

Cost:                       $5 Million

Services/Scope:    Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration

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