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Client:                     Los Angeles County

Services/Scope:    Design of new entry enclosure and exterior finish upgrades



Marina Del Rey Visitors Center

The Marina Visitors Center, originally designed as the gateway information center into the Marina over the years has been transformed into a multi-use administrative facility for the Department of Beaches and Harbors. The early California Mission style building has withstood successive adaptive re-uses which rendered the original plan unrecognizable. RAW was selected by the County to upgrade/restore the building to its original character while optimizing the footprint on the site. 


The original design though attractive lacked visual balance due to the disconnect between the interior space plan and the exterior elevations. There was extensive termite/wood rot damage as well as leaking roof and weatherproofing issues. Additionally, the windows were framed by an exterior raised plaster relief which competed with the character of the building.

The restoration corrected the deficiencies, however, the main addition to the building was the enclosure of the two symmetrical porches on the north and south elevations. Both done in keeping with the original architecture, this provided the center with additional square footage enabling the addition of a formal entry and executive conference room, both which were sorely needed. With the renovation (and a few nautical perks such as the portal) the center is positioned to provide enjoyment for many generations to come.

Marina Del Rey, CA

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