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Baldwin Hills Mall Masterplan

Los Angeles , CA

With buildings listed as a City of Los Angeles Historically Significant Structures, the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza was California’s first post-war open-air retail complex when originally completed in 1947. Capitalizing on the future adjacent Metro Crenshaw/LAX Transit Line stop, RAW International collaborated with Capri Capital Partners to transform their newly acquired property into a dynamic, celebrated urban destination linked by rail transit. 

RAW leveraged its intimate familiarity with this culturally diverse area to create a flexible, long-term concept master plan that would integrate with the original shopping center; embraces phased transit-oriented development; improves wayfinding, access, and parking; and promotes walkability and community wellness.

Client:                    Capri Capital Partners

Services/Scope:    Master planning, Program Verification, Site Planning, Conceptual Design

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