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Anderson Federal Building Security Casework

Long Beach, CA

RAW International designed custom security casework and integrated signage in this existing Federal office building’s lobby, which, when built, will result in a secured control access point that achieves enhanced federal objectives for terrorist-resistant buildings.  With the GSA’s design excellence goals in mind, RAW created this new checkpoint to provide arriving visitors with a strong focal point and clarify separate circulation for more streamlined staff screening. 

The new central screening equipment will replace a screening machine that is located at the back of the lobby with a multitude of queuing stanchions and free-standing metal signs that clutter the floor. The new glass and wood casework system assembly will blend in seamlessly with the steel, granite, and glass materials of the existing lobby.  The new integrated signage will feature an electronic building directory and electronic “missing persons” bulletin, which will eliminate the visual clutter of the existing free-standing signs.)

Client:                     General Services Administration

Services/Scope:    Architecture

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