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U.S. GSA Little Aviators Child Care Center

Laguna Nigel, CA

RAW International designed a child care center for the Federal Aviation Administration located within the Hawthorne Federal Building. The 3,750 sq. ft. child care center with 8,000 sq. ft. playground area was designed as a functional space from a child's perspective, while responding to myriad stringent requirements and guidelines provided by the client. The design was well received by both the client and the end user. The center is composed of two equal "minicenters", each containing similar functions, and each intended to operate autonomously. The interior is organized around a central zone of shared spaces (reception, kitchen, lounge, and staff bathroom) flanked on either side by a minicenter. The design scheme treats the programmatic elements as objects located within a box. These objects are given interesting forms, which are both abstract and recognizable, creating a highly interactive space.

Client:                    Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro)

Cost:                       $1 Million

Services/Scope:    Design and Construction Documents

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