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GSA 'First Impressions' Phillip Burton (450 Golden Gate)

Federal Building Lobby Expansion/Security Casework

San Francisco, CA

RAW International served as the design/build architect and contractor for the construction of a New Entry Vestibule in the Philip Burton Federal Building located at 450 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco. The overall goal was to fulfill the agency’s terrorist-resistant security requirements and update emergency egress codes within the spirit of design excellence for the GSA’s “First Impressions” program. RAW designed a new security screening station prototype that integrated USMS screening technology and protocols in custom casework and reconciled complex pedestrian circulation patterns in the lobby to accommodate multiple levels of government clearance.

RAW’s lobby expansion eliminated previous space limitations and enabled the relocation of the security checkpoint, which freed up the lobby floor for agency events and vendor fairs. The glass enclosure, supported by a tensile truss system, created a feeling of openness and light that complements the mid-century modern design of the original building.

Client:                    General Services Administration

Cost:                       $3.6 Million

Services/Scope:    Design/Build, Architecture

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