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Westside Maintenance of Way Building

Los Angeles, CA

RAW International collaborated with L.A. Metro Division 20 to integrate three separate operations and maintenance departments into a single downtown Los Angeles facility to service the Westside Subway Extension (“Subway to the Sea”). In order to accommodate each of their distinct functional requirements under one roof, RAW developed screening criteria and viable realignment alternatives for the vehicle maintenance, stores, and administrative departments. Following zoning analysis, site analysis, and program validation, RAW’s realignment study resolved adjacency, coordination, and equipment issues, and optimized operations and efficiencies on the existing site. 

RAW presented alternative concepts and building designs that reconciled multiple departmental goals, reconciled vehicular and pedestrian circulation, integrated creative parking strategies, incorporated photovoltaic panels, and improved the client’s existing design standards. The scoping documents were designed to LEED Silver sustainability standards and current CalGreen and California Building Code mandates.

Client:                    Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro)

Cost:                       $22.8 Million

Services/Scope:    Realignment Study, Program Validation, Space Planning, A/E Scoping Documents

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