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Compton Community College Learning Resource Center

Los Angeles, CA

Compton College’s goal was to provide a new academic and social resource for research, information and learning that engages students. In response, RAW International programmed and designed an outward-looking, sustainable Learning Resource Center (LRC) with maximum interior spatial flexibility. The result: an award-winning project comprised of an intricate structural system of steel moment-resistant frames and curved trusses that form a dramatic barrel-vaulted ceiling and allow for open floors. Unobstructed by columns, walls and partitions can be easily reconfigured to accommodate future program changes and departmental expansion. The exposed structure further articulates the structural integrity and innovation of this unique building’s design.

This enclosed volume of light and space houses first floor library stacks and an art gallery, where artwork is easily hung from a special rail on the lobby wall. Study rooms, offices, and a lounge occupy the second floor. Long spans of solar-reflective glass and translucent KalWall allow for panoramic campus views and natural light that eliminates the need for electric fixtures during the day. The landmark facility promotes energy efficiency and revitalizes campus life, providing a calm environment for campus events and student interaction.

Client:                    Compton Community College District

Cost:                       $13 Million

Services/Scope:    Architecture, Construction Documents, Construction Administration

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